The Kuki Statehood Demand Committee (KSDC) has started an indefinite “public blockade” from 5 p.m. on Saturday demanding creation of a State out of Manipur. All these years Kukis and Nagas have been imposing economic blockades every now and then seeking power supply or telephone services. Earlier, it meant trucks transporting commercial items to Imphal from other States were not allowed to pass through villages along highways. But this time a new terminology — public blockade — is used. It may mean that even private cars and scooters would not be allowed to ply on National and State highways.

KSDC Secretary Benjamin Mate told journalists that there was no overture from the government ahead of the imposition of the public blockade. KSDC Information Secretary George Gangte said preparations were in place for a protracted agitation.

Soon after the imposition of the blockade, prices of all commodities went up.