The Justice A.S. Naidu commission probing the communal riots in Kandhamal district in 2008 ended its recent phase of enquiry at Phulbani on Wednesday, a day before the four-day schedule.

The commission was to examine eight witnesses during this four-day enquiry session which had started at Phulbani of Kandhamal district from October 7. As per the special counsel of the State before the commission, Bijay Patnaik, five witnesses deposed before the commission during the period. “As one of the witnesses scheduled to be examined on Thursday deposed before the commission on Wednesday and the commission found no need to examine another witness, its hearing was ended a day ahead,” he said. This judicial commission, which is probing the 2008 communal riots in Kandhamal district, was set up in January 2009 under the chairmanship of Justice S.C. Mohapatra.

The tenure of the commission would end in March 2009. Death of justice Mohapatra in 2012 was a set back for the commission.

The State government had appointed Justice Naidu as the new chairman of the commission. According to sources till now, the commission has received 793 affidavits. Several witnesses meant to be examined by the commission are continuously remaining absent on scheduled hearing dates causing problem for the commission.