Staff Reporter

BERHAMPUR: The activists of the Kalinga Sena are continuing with their plans to be spoilsports during the Indian Premier League (IPL) matches at Barabati stadium in Cuttack.

The organisation has preferred to ignore the criticism from the sports lovers of the State. It may be noted that this organisation has shot into limelight by launching an attack on Team India coach Greg Chapel in Bhubaneswar in 2007. This time also they have put the Australians playing in the IPL at their target. To add up fizz to their agitation they have also decided to protest the use cheer girls during the play in the Barabati stadium. The sports enthusiasts and youth feel Kalinga Sena is only trying to gain some cheap publicity through their recent efforts.

On Wednesday this outfit held a meeting of its district level office-bearers in the city to plan up their action for the IPL matches. Representatives of the organisation from 19 districts and its women wing took part in it. They have decided to dodge the security by getting around 600 of their members get into the stadium through valid tickets. Once inside the stadium they would protest against the cheer girls and Australian players in some pre-planned manner.

A veteran cricketer of the city said it was high time for the State government to put this organisation and its members on strict watch. “The menace of these elements in search of cheap publicity may mar the future prospects of Barabati Stadium and the image of Orissa,” he said.