Officials swing into action for crackdown

The State government has decided to stay appointment and withhold salaries of those who have joined the government jobs by submitting false disability certificates.

In an instruction issued to all commissioners and district magistrates on Thursday, Women and Child Development Department said, “in case some persons have already joined by submitting false certificates and specific complaints are received, they should be referred immediately to the Appellate Medical Board constituted at SCB Medical College, Cuttack.”

“Their appointment should be stayed and salary also be withheld till clearance from the medical board is obtained,” the directive stated.

Taking a tough stand on use of fake disability certificates, departmental secretary Arti Ahuja said, “the government personnel, including doctors, should be very careful in issuing certificates as such malpractices deny the benefit to genuinely deserving person with disability.”

The WCD Department swung into action after receiving complaints that some people were trying to corner jobs reserved for the persons with disability by obtaining fake disability certificates.

Complaints received

“Complaints have been received from various organisations that in some cases persons have obtained false disability certificates and obtained employment on that basis,” noted Ms. Ahuja in her letter.