Is the Comprehensive Development Plan prepared by IIT-Kharagpur for the capital city region a flawed one? A review wing of Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) has picked holes in the plan and the JNNURM has asked the State government to respond.

“As per the guidelines, the CDP should have a fixed time frame for its implementation and would be followed by a review to study and analyze the impact of the implementation of the plan in order to make midcourse corrections, if necessary,” the JNNURM review revealed.

It said as the CDP of Bhubaneswar was prepared in May 2006, more than five years had since been elapsed. “But the framework prescribed in the guidelines such as review in first and sixth year, community stakeholders consultation in first, third and fifth year, capacity building, institutional reforms and financial reforms, financial operating plan and capital investment plan continuously each in first five years had never been done as no such mention was there in the prepared CDP,” observed the JNNURM review.

The CDP envisages investment of more than Rs. 30000 crore, to be funded from both public and private sources, by 2030. The review pointed out that no awareness measures had ever been taken through meetings before finalisation of the CDP, which was in violation of guidelines.


As per the guidelines on preparation of CDPs under JNNURM, stakeholder's consultation should be given prominence and so it was provided that stakeholders should be identified and to the identified stakeholders, outcome of the city analysis (strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threat) should be explained vividly to have the developing vision of the city in concrete terms.

Participants in the consultation process were expected to come out with their proposed action towards achieving the developmental goal and this should result in finding simple steps that were easily attainable and commonly desired for early implementation. “But from the study of the CDP, no such recording of stakeholders' involvement was found.” Similarly, the CDP did not reflect proper financial health and its forecast in the final report. The Housing and Urban Development Department was asked to furnish a detailed response on the flaws pointed out by the JNNURM review committee.