It’s all the same when we look at increase in price at State or Central level. Just for example the rate of petroleum products were hiked when the international price was at $ 138 per barrel of crude oil but now it has come down to nearly half of that at $71per barrel but the Minister is in no mood to bring it down as may be the Central election is at the door step but he is forgetting that a high inflation need to be brought down with a brake on sagging Sensex which otherwise may prove to be a deciding factor for their future prospect in coming state and Parliament elections.

Similarly in Orissa a sharp increase of 20 per cent in milk products is shown as increase in the cost of cattle food items in the last few months. But nowhere it is mentioned as why only Rs. 11 is paid to farmers when it is sold at Rs 20 and if there is a need to increase the rate then why the organisation is not shouldering half of the pressure, and why always the public has to face the brunt of price rise.

And why the government is not issuing a white paper on items of public use on daily basis to have clarity in the whole system.

Bijay Mishra


Dangerous trend

The present disturbances in Maharashtra, particularly in Mumbai, are regretted. More regrettable thing is that the Maharashtra government is not handling the situation that was created by activists of MNS under the direction of Raj Thackerey.

Time and again Raj is creating unwanted and uncalled for situation in the State as a result the busy Mumbai is disturbing. Actually Raj is wanted to attract the public, media and rest of the country regarding his strong political presence in view of coming general elections and to woo the voters of Maharashtra. The treatment with railway job aspirants is itself is shameless. Central Government and other key jobs are for every Indian not for a particular section of people and Lalu Prasad Yadav has taken a right decision to conduct the railway exam once again. Earlier, also Raj criticised the actions of Amitabh Bachchan whereas he is nothing to do with politics, he is an actor and loved by people of this country. No political party can rule in any state by taking any one particular section of people. If they want to serve the people politically they should have to come up with newer ideas and programmes as today’s world has changed and common man is already fed up with these tactics.

S.R. Krishna



Recession is something the Union government should have foreseen. Everybody in the government level heard, read and saw the recession in European as well as US market. But when it comes to face challenges of nullifying its impact in the country, no foolproof action was taken.

As a result the Sensex started tumbling down a year ago and is showing no sign of improving now. There are many players in the share market who had taken personal loan to invest in the market. But all their hopes were dashed as share values took a nose dive.

Now government’s role becomes important. It knew about the recession, yet it did not do anything to save people. The worse is yet to come.

When the recession will be manifested in all the sectors, there will be job cuts and its impact would fall in FMCG products as well as real estate. So people who are cash rich should wait for proper time to plunge into investment spree.

Bidhan Sahu