India's geographical location puts it in an intriguing situation among its neighbours and New Delhi's priority is to improve relations with them and help in their building capacity in different sectors.

This was stated by Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram here on Wednesday at a special session organised by the Bharat Chamber of Commerce.

Referring to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's recent visit to Bangladesh, he said it was a “major effort to build relations” with the country that India helped liberating in 1971, and expressed the hope to forge closer relations with Dhaka in future.

“We must seize the moment and forge very close relation with Bangladesh like we have with Bhutan, had with Sri Lanka before the ethnic conflict there and hope to have with Nepal.”

Mr. Chidambaram acknowledged the infiltration of Bangladeshis to India, but stated that “a Berlin Wall cannot be built between the two countries to stop the phenomenon and India should help the country in building capacity to tackle the issue.”

He maintained that issues such as the Teen Bigha Corridor should have been resolved long ago. “We had made up our mind that we will solve this problem. It was resolved in a few minutes. We allowed using the corridor for 24 hours a day instead of 12 hours.” He asserted that the Teen Bigha Corridor mater was resolved in a “spirit of give and take.” It required a certain amount of statesmanship to give a little and take a little in settling the issues of enclaves, lands in adverse positions and un-demarcated boundaries.