A youth from Hyderabad identified as Sai Dhanush Reddy (18) was feared drowned in Mandovi River after he accidentally fell from the sixth floor deck of ‘Casino Carnaval’ after midnight on Saturday here.

The city police have registered a case of unnatural death. The body was not found till Sunday evening. The youth had gone on an offshore casino along with his brother, Shiv Chaitanya Reddy, and two friends, said the police.

Goan People’s Forum convener Advocate Satish Sonak on Sunday raised several serious questions pertaining to lack of monitoring and regulation of the casinos leading to such accidents. “Today, young adults can easily afford to enter casinos because entry fee has been reduced from Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 500. Added to that is unlimited liquor made available for paltry fixed sum,” he said.

He sought to know whether there was any security lapse in the matter. If security was in place on the said casino vessel, what action had they taken after the accident, he asked.

In the light of the suspected drowning, he sought to know whether the casino operators alerted the Coast Guard.