Special Correspondent

NGOs to observe ‘World Food Day’ as ‘World Foodless Day’

“Food riots are taking place in poor countries”

“No gains from established policies, plans and actions”

JAIPUR: The Jaipur-based Centre for Community Economics and Development Consultants’ Society (CECOEDECON) has joined hands with Pesticide Action Network-Asia and the Pacific (PAN-AP) and People’s Coalition on Food Sovereignty to observe World Food Day this Thursday as “World Foodless Day” to highlight the global food crisis.

Various groups from Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Korea, Japan, China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Uganda and Kenya would also be observing October 16 as a day of global action with simultaneous events, protests and activities.

CECOEDECON secretary Sharad Joshi said here on Tuesday that the World Food Day would be an appropriate occasion to send across the message that hunger and malnutrition are increasing as a result of non-availability of food and exorbitant price increases across the globe.

“Food riots are taking place in the underdeveloped countries where workers and peasants have become less able to afford food. Their basic human rights and privileges are being curtailed,” said Mr. Joshi.

Mr. Joshi regretted that despite the World Food Day observed by the U.N. entering the 28th year, there were no gains from established policies, plans and actions to celebrate. On the contrary, the entire world was faced with a ballooning food crisis.

The “World Foodless Day” would create public awareness of the root causes of food crisis, provide policy recommendations and facilitate meetings with government officials, opinion makers and leaders, provide a platform for people to speak up against policies and their impact, and make recommendations on the basis of responses to food crisis.