The Calcutta High Court directed the Victoria Memorial authorities here on Friday to file an affidavit within two weeks about the steps taken to get the bronze angel on the dome of the memorial to twirl again, according to environment activist Subhas Datta.

“The angel atop has remained static. No one has seen it moving since 2006. I have submitted the report of a British firm in the Court, following which the Court asked the Victoria Memorial authorities to file an affidavit within two weeks,” Mr. Datta told The Hindu .

The National Buildings Construction Corporation had requested a British firm, Simpson & Brown, to carry out an inspection on the entire memorial in 2012.

The firm’s report found that the angel was not rotating.

It refuted earlier claims of the authorities that the problem had been taken care of and necessary repairs carried out, Mr. Datta said.

The matter had been brought before the Court when Mr. Datta filed a petition in 2006.

In its stationary position, the angel exerts pressure on a specific portion of the dome which could cause damage as its weight is not distributed evenly across the entire structure as it would were it rotating, he added.

Mr. Datta had in 2006 written to Queen Elizabeth II of England as well as the then British Prime Minister Tony Blair informing them of the matter.