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Orissa chapter of Save Indian Family launched

Rationalisation of 498(A) of IPC demanded

BHUBANESWAR: Here is good news for men in distress (victims of torture by wife and in-laws). Make a call at helpline numbers; “experienced tortured” men would guide you how to come out of trouble. For the first time in Orissa, an organised forum was floated, which would exclusively address concerns of men facing harassments in their lives.

Save Indian Family (SIF) that has nationwide chapters on Wednesday launched helpline numbers declaring that “harassed” men could seek guidance and counselling. It also gave birth to SIF, Orissa.

“Whenever a married woman commits suicide, immediately the entire family of husband is thrown into jail without any investigation under the presumption of a dowry death.

However, when a married man commits suicide, even after leaving suicide note clearly mentioning the torture underwent at the hands of wife and in-laws, no action is taken by the police,” said Mithun Kumar, Bangalore-based IT professional and a researcher with SIF.

He said almost double the number of married men were committing suicides every year as compared to married women. “Suicide statistics from National Crime Record Bureau-2005 show 52,583 married men committed suicide against 28,169 married women. Similar figures for 2006 and 2007 are 55,582 men against 29,869 women and 57,593 men against 30,064 women respectively,” Mr. Kumar said.

SIF researcher said although men were paying 82 per cent of taxes in India, in 62 years not a single rupee was spent for men’s welfare nor was a single study ever conducted on issues of men.

Demanding that 498 (A) of IPC should be rationalised, men’s rights activist said as per NCRB data, in the four years (2004-2007), 1,23,000 women have been arrested the above section without trial or investigation, merely on the basis of a complaint by the wives of their sons or brothers. “SIF, Orissa will vouch against unconstitutional, gender obsessed and draconian laws like section 498A, the Domestic Violence Act, and support men and their families aggrieved by the marital laws by giving them moral and psychological support in the form of guidance and counselling,” said Debi Prasad Padhi, member of SIF Orissa.

He said the new forum, which would protect men’s rights had activists in Berhampur and Rourkela.

They demanded National Commission for Men be constituted to study issues related to men, formation of a men’s welfare ministry, abolition of all gender biased anti-male laws, rationalise the alimony and maintenance laws and make section 498 (A) bailable and non-cognisable.