Staff Correspondent

New Uttaranchal Ministers getting restless

DEHRA DUN: Hectic lobbying for plum portfolios, veiled threats and consultations with the Bharatiya Janata Party top brass in New Delhi continued here on Wednesday as the Ministers sworn in on Tuesday seemed to be getting restless over their fate.

"We do not understand why Chief Minister Bhuwan Chandra Khanduri is taking such a long time to allocate responsibilities even after the Cabinet has been formed," said some of the newly appointed Ministers.

Sources close to the Chief Minister, however, ruled out any rift within the BJP or with the Uttarakhand Kranti Dal (UKD) and Independents supporting the Government.

"The Chief Minister is sorting out matters and the portfolios when handed out will be as per the talents of the Ministers," they added.

Meanwhile, Dewakar Bhatt, the Minister from UKD, said at a press conference that his party stood for a local people-oriented employment policy, domicile policy, delimitation policy and declaration of Gairsen as the permanent new Capital of Uttarakhand instead of Dehra Dun.

Popularly called "Field Marshal" during the Uttarakhand agitation days, Mr. Bhatt is known for having strong views on issues that may not be palatable to the BJP or even the soft-liners within his party.