Violent tussle between two student groups and blasting of a crude bomb outside the campus led to tense situation at Khallikote junior college in the city on Thursday.

Tense situation prevails at the junior college for higher secondary classes which is attached to Khallikote Autonomous College due to rivalry between two student groups since student union elections held last month. Till now the efforts of the junior college administration to pacify the situation by bringing in peace between the two warring groups has not been successful.

On Thursday, a group of ‘non-students’ attacked two student leaders of the college including the elected athletic secretary outside its campus. During the same time a miscreant threw a crude bomb from the gallery of the Khallikote Autonomous College stadium on the National Highway passing through the area.

Blast of the bomb did not harm any one although it created panic in the area especially among the students. City police rushed to the spot to check escalation of tension. No one was arrested in connection with the case till afternoon. Investigation is on.

When contacted, college principal Bibekananda Panda said all the violent incidents occurred outside the campus. Student union elections had sparked off tension on the campus which they the college administration was trying to subside, he said.

Peace meetings

According to Mr. Panda till now three peace meetings were convened by him to bring in peace between the two warring student groups. These meetings were held on October 20 and 31 as well as on Wednesday. Representatives of both student groups had given written undertaking to refrain from violence and tussle. “But the violence continues due to which we are planning to take some strict action,” the principal said.

The principal decided to call up parents of students leaders of both groups and take undertaking from them regarding behaviour of their wards. “If even after that the students do not change themselves we may be compelled to rusticate them from the institute as peace on the campus is our first priority,” the principal said.