Concerned at the prevailing law and order situation in West Bengal, Governor M. K. Narayanan on Thursday summoned Chief Secretary Samar Ghosh, Home Secretary G. D. Gautama and Director General of Police Naparajit Mukherjee to Raj Bhavan, where he reviewed the entire situation with the three senior officials.

He asked the State to keep a watch on the law and order situation,” Dr Gautama told reporters on his return to the State Secretariat after the meeting, which lasted for about half an hour. The Home Secretary said that it was customary for the Governor to hold such meetings once every month.

To a question, whether the recent incident at Netai village in Lalgarh was discussed, Dr Gautama evaded a direct answer merely saying that the Governor reviewed the current situation and took stock of matters.

The Home Secretary added that “the sequence of events were discussed.” He also declined to say whether the presence of armed camps run by the political parties (and now under sharp focus) had featured during the talks.

At an event earlier during the day, Mr Narayanan said that it was now time for action.

“I have repeated time and again that it was not meetings but action that is now called for,” he said in response to reporters queries on whether all party meetings could be called to prevent violence in the State.

Since the incident at Netai village in which seven people were killed in firing allegedly from a camp run from the house of a CPI(M) leader on a gathering of ‘villagers', Mr Narayanan had expressed his concern repeatedly saying that there was a need to end this spell of violence. Responding to journalists' queries at an event last week, as to whether he would send a report on this matter to the Centre, he had said that more reports were not needed. He said that he would talk to the Chief Minister and other senior officers and had expressed the hope that all could work together to break the chain of violence now rampaging through West Bengal.

He had issued a statement immediately after the incident also.