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"Government should clarify quota in private colleges"

When nothing is known of quota government's announcement to bear full fees `amusing'"Government should ensure that the private colleges collected only the fees stipulated by it

Pondicherry: The Secretary of Pondicherry State AIADMK, A. Anbalagan, has expressed shock over the recent statement of the Chief Minister N. Rangasamy that the government would bear full fees that a student sponsored under government quota for private professional colleges in Pondicherry would have to pay this year.

Mr. Anbalagan told newsmen here on Friday that when there was no clear picture of the actual quota of seats in the sanctioned strength for students sponsored by the government, the Chief Minister's statement was "amusing" and confused the students and parents.

The Government sponsored Centralized Admission Committee (CENTAC) conducted joint entrance test as usual this year for selection of students on merit under government quota to the privately run professional colleges offering courses in medicine and engineering. What is the actual percentage of seats that the government had got in these colleges should be known first and only then would any sponsoring of students through CENTAC would be relevant, particularly for medical colleges. At present, only private players were running medical colleges here, he said.

Mr. Anbalagan, who is also Legislature party leader of the AIADMK, said that in the circumstances a recent order of the Lt. Governor stipulating admission of students of Pondicherry domicile to the extent of fifty per cent of the total sanctioned strength in private professional colleges was also causing embarrassment.

Let the government come out with clear picture on the quota of seats, he reiterated.

Mr. Anbalagan also said that the Government should also ensure that the private colleges collected only the fees stipulated by the government. If any college collected more than the prescribed fees action should be taken against the managements and the parents and students should also be informed of the forum where they should make complaints for violation by the colleges.

The volunteers of AIADMK and it allies would picket the privately run professional colleges here if the Government did not give clarification within ten days, he said.