Special Correspondent

Pondicherry: Pondicherry Janata Dal (Secular) president E.Ganesan has asked the Congress government to waive the loans due from farmers. They had suffered because of either the Tsunami or of un-seasonal rains. Mr. Ganesan said in a release here on Saturday that large farmlands had suffered the impact of the December 2004 tsunami with the quality of the soil becoming brackish and adversely affecting the crop. The situation was more serious in Karaikal where the farmers had borne the brunt of non-availability of Cauvery water. Drought had also added to the woes of the farmers.

Hence, the new government should announce the waiver irrespective of the category to which they belonged.

Mr. Ganesan referred to instances of farmers committing suicide in several parts of the country because of their misery and poor economic condition. To avert such happenings in Pondicherry the Administration should waive the loans and fresh loans should be available to the farmers here, he said.