Serena Josephine M.

PUDUCHERRY: The Directorate of School Education is planning to provide broadband connectivity to all government middle schools in the Union Territory. The proposal is likely to be placed for approval at the forthcoming executive committee meeting of the department.

The measure is aimed at promoting e-learning in government schools, thus enhancing access to information and expertise for students.

Already, the directorate has established virtual classrooms with a central studio for government schools.

“The government high and higher secondary schools are covered under the information and communication technology programme for broadband connections. This leaves out primary and middle schools, and so we are planning to provide broadband connections to middle schools to promote e-learning through the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA),” said State project director of SSA R. Parthasarathy.

There are 64 government middle schools in the Union Territory, with students from Standard I to VIII. Approximately 70,000 students will be benefited.

“Once broadband connections are provided, we will bring experts to interact with the students. This will give them an exposure to expertise knowledge and establish an interactive classroom atmosphere. We will also have links with national websites,” Director of School Education G. Ragesh Chandra said.