Staff Correspondent

BHOPAL: The Commandant of Combat College Mhow, Lieutenant-General Milan Naidu, on Thursday stressed the importance of girls' education and said St. Joseph's Convent School here had been playing a significant role in this direction.

Speaking as chief guest at the school's golden jubilee sports meet on Thursday evening, he recalled his student days at this school, which was a co-ed institution till the mid-1960s. He said the school had always laid emphasis on quality education, discipline and team spirit.


"Looking at the confidence and performance level of the students now studying in this school, one could say with certainty that they are among the best," he added. Inaugurating the school's golden jubilee celebrations, Union Human Resource Development Minister Arjun Singh had said earlier this week that providing access to school education was not enough.

He went on to emphasise the need to ensure that every child received quality education.

He also cautioned about the market forces and growing consumerism and said that schools should humanize education and build values and skills so that every one lives in harmony in the society as well as with nature. St. Joseph' Convent School's golden jubilee sports meet was aptly titled "Divine Dispersions".