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`It is not merely about skill-based training'

  • Presides over 15th convocation of Berhampur University
  • Asks varsities to reorient approach to humanistic goal

    BERHAMPUR: Governor Rameshwar Thakur on Saturday said globalisation should not be blamed for all that was bad but it was certainly a major factor in the decline of humanistic learning.

    Presiding over the 15th convocation of Berhampur University on Bhanja Bihar campus near here, he said the marked preference for IT-related fields in India, for instance, was directly linked to business process outsourcing, a phenomenon of global markets that was as harmful as it appeared to be beneficial to the country's youth.

    ``I don't deny the importance of skills in today's world. But our education should not be reduced to giving mere skill-based training to young men and women to make them employable. There is no denying the fact that globalisation provides opportunities to the youth,'' he said.

    The Governor observed that it would lead to the death of intellectual curiosity, the desire for knowledge that was the chief distinction of human mind. ``It is to foster such intellectual curiosity that universities are created. They cannot thrive in an environment where we seek to know only what we practically need,'' he said.

    Mr. Thakur recalled what Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan had said about university education: ``The function of a university is to prepare the young to take their place in human society. It must provide its members with the knowledge and skill necessary to make them efficient citizens.''Admitting that the universities were confronted with many problems, he suggested that they should reorient their approach in such a manner that contemporary needs were not compromised to achieve the humanistic goal on which the concept of university education was based.

    Semester system

    BU Vice-Chancellor J.K. Baral in his welcome address said the university had introduced the semester system to make its courses more relevant. He said efforts were being made to run various courses as per schedule and publish results on time.

    He said the university had implemented the system of evaluation of teachers by the students to promote better academic interaction.