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To verify “genuineness” for implementing welfare schemes

As on date, there are 20,000 persons with disabilities in the Union Territory

Every month, Rs. 2 crore is being spent towards financial assistance

PUDUCHERRY: The Department of Social Welfare has proposed to undertake a fresh enumeration of persons with disabilities in the Union Territory.

The enumeration will seek to verify the “genuineness” of persons with disabilities for effective implementation of the government welfare schemes.

Officials of the department said a fresh verification would help to check the genuineness of claims of persons with disabilities availing themselves of various government welfare schemes, including nativity and income limits.

“As on date, there are a total of 20,000 persons with disabilities in the Union Territory. This population has been accumulating over the years. The verification will help us to check if the persons are residing in Puducherry or Tamil Nadu. The income limit should not exceed Rs. 35,000 per annum for them to avail of the welfare schemes. We will also check this aspect during the verification,” an official said.

Of the 20,000 persons with disabilities, 3,000 were visually challenged, 6,000 were hearing impaired and 11,000 orthopaedically challenged. The approximate region-wise break-up of persons with disabilities is nearly 16,100 in Puducherry, 2,500 in Karaikal, 460 in Mahe and 700 in Yanam, according to the department.

The department would seek to verify the authenticity of the revenue certificates produced by the persons with disabilities, he said, adding, “We are still receiving applications from persons with disabilities and the population is ever increasing. The enumeration will help to a great extent so that the welfare schemes reach the real beneficiaries.”

Every month, the department spends Rs. two crore towards financial assistance for persons with disabilities, he added.

“Through such a review, we can take the welfare schemes to the real beneficiaries,” Welfare Minister M. Kandasamy told The Hindu.