Accused of involvement in financial irregularities

Bhopal: In a move apparently fuelled by a power struggle in the high corridors of RSS in Madhya Pradesh, five pracharaks have been expelled from the Sangh for deviating from its ideology.


The proposal to expel the leaders was passed in a four-day meeting of pracharaks of Madhya pradesh and Chhattisgarh held in neighbouring Sehore district last week, Sangh sources said.

In one of the first decisions of its kind in RSS history in the State, participants at the meeting were asked to strictly refrain from establishing any contact -- over phone or through letters -- with the expelled leaders, they said.

The expulsion came as the pracharaks “developed a parallel work culture”. One of the expelled leaders was also accused of being involved in financial irregularities.

While senior RSS functionaries remain tight-lipped over the development and brush aside queries, murmurs are afoot in the Sangh about power struggle between two groups headed by senior leaders.

“It is an internal matter,” Pramukh Pracharak Vinodji, who reportedly moved the proposal of expulsion, told reporters at Sehore, refusing to comment further.

Recent transfers and expulsions had delivered a blow to a RSS camp believed to have gained prominence with its work especially during Hindu Sangam in Jhabua and Simhastha at Ujjain. - PTI