BHUBANESWAR: Film Society of Bhubaneswar (FSB) on Friday announced its monthly screening schedule. The screenings will be held on Wednesday evening at Jayadev Bhawan auditorium.

The first film of the evening scheduled for screening is The Pope's Toilet, made in 2007, is from Uruguay and directed by César Charlone and Enrique Fernández

“The Pope's impending visit to a small Uruguayan town stimulates a flurry of activity among the poorest residents, who hope to strike it rich by catering to the needs of the 50,000 expected pilgrims.

A small film dealing with the lives of ordinary people and with a cast of mostly non-professional actors, The Pope's Toilet belongs to a new crop of Uruguayan cinema that has been gaining critical acclaim around the world,” according to the FSB release.

The screening will end with the much-acclaimed Romanian film ‘4 Months, 3 Weeks & 2 Days' that won many international awards including the highest honours at the Cannes International Film Festival in 2007.

Directed by Cristian Mungiu, the film is the harrowing and brutally realistic account of a young woman trying to arrange an illegal abortion for her friend in Romania.