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Saint Stephens' Church holds workshop

BERHAMPUR: Women should snatch their powers in church ministries rather than waiting for some one to offer the same, according to Bishop Samson Das who addressed women delegates at the workshop on women's rights organised at Saint Stephens' Church of the city.

This workshop, sponsored by the Diocesan Board of Social Services (DBSS), Cuttack, was attended by women delegates from Church ministries of Ganjam and Gajapati districts.

Most of the delegates at the workshop were of the opinion that they do not get equal status at church ministries although at any ministry they were the majority. Bishop Das commended the Christians of Berhampur as two women head two major ministries of the city.

Great achievement

Jyotsnarani Patro is the secretary of Oriya Baptist Church and Hanna Margaret Pradhan is the secretary of Saint Stephens' Church. "It is a great achievement as during my visit to England I found at many ancient cathedrals women are yet to have proper representation," Bishop Das said.

The `Council' accepts women as equals but at grass-root level it is not accepted at Christian ministries.

The delegates were advised to rise and make men understand that they were not `helpers' but `partners in mission'.