Gone are the days when a designer used to just sketch the silhouette, she says

The traditional thinking that others should recognise our work, and one shouldn’t blow his/her own trumpet seems to be no longer valid. One has to be really creative about showcasing one’s skills, in these days of cut-throat competition, failing which there is every danger of losing out in the race.

“Gone are the days when a designer used to just sketch the silhouette and do some detailing to finish his her/her portfolio,” says Tulasi Bongarala, a fashion designer from the city. Her creations had fetched the first prize for fashion model Divya, who subsequently performed the lead role in the Telugu film “Oka Crime Kadha”, in the design competition Tenneti Park in 2009, recalls Tulasi, who was then doing her fashion design course from the International Institute of Fashion Design (Inifd).

Her USP is that she not only sketches and makes the end-product with standard measurements but also makes the model wear it and get photographed. “I decide to not only concentrate on the garment but also about the whole attire and ambience of the shoot while planning the expenditure before beginning the project,” she says.

“There is no need to go beyond the city for locations. I always plan in such a way that there is a perfect balance between creativity, affordability, viability and value addition. Once I decide on a project, I go on a location search to zero in on the spots that would best suit my requirements for the photo shoot.”

‘Vanishing island’

Her brief stint with an NGO at Bheemunipatnam gave her a lot of exposure to some of the virgin beaches and some of the ancient structures, which are in ruins. A ‘vanishing island’ near Bheemunipatnam, which not many people are aware, has caught her attention. The island sinks in the evening and doesn’t show up till late in the morning.

She formed a small team comprising a few models, a photographer and a few friends, all from the city. A person, who was planning a promotional shoot for his upcoming venture, had financed her project.

“There are a lots of aspirants in the city who want to make it big in ‘real fashion’ more than just a ramp show but there are hardly any avenues for professional exposure and encouragement,” she feels and wants such voices to be heard. The other team members include: co-designer Aditya Pragada, models Kim and Rhena, make-up artist Mallika Chandra, assistant make-up artist Madhuri, photography and editing Kishore Killeri and financier N.S. Rao. Tulasi can be reached attuls9top@gmail.com.

  • Tulasi Bongarala’s designs have fetched the first prize for fashion model Divya

  • ‘I concentrate on the garment as well as on the whole attire and ambience of the shoot’