Engagement events must include employee families

K. V. Rajasekher.
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In any organisation there is no time like party time. Parties, picnics and outdoor events are enjoyed by all right from the CEO to yesterday's hire.

Events like these help people get away from the boredom and relax from work burden. They have a refreshing effect on all. These events also help people bond and seal new friendships. Any event helps in enhancing the employee engagement strategy of the organisation. The HR department must take on the responsibility to prepare an event calendar and circulate it in advance to all.

An organisation is invariably tied to the family of an employee, though the family remains in the background. So events must also include the participation of the families of employees in some of them.

Events must be clearly classified into categories so that participation can be an exciting experience for different levels of employees.

On boarding: When an employee first joins the organisation he needs to be exposed to the organisation's policies and culture. There may be some out of the college hires who need to know the basics of communication skills and soft skills. During the induction programme itself they can be taught through short games about these skills.

The onboarding event experience itself leaves a mark on the minds of the new recruits about the company's desire to enhance their skills.

Learning events: The business practices and processes are changing. In this environment there is an acute necessity for enhancing the skill levels of employees already discharging various functions. How quickly they adapt to the changes determines how fast the organisation can move forward. If these skill gaps are not filled, the company will have to face a time lag, which can hurt its business objectives. These events comprise seminars, workshops or short term training programmes.

The faculty to deliver these learning programmes can be garnered from with in the organisation or hired from outside.

Training programmes must be so designed that they have immediate benefit to the participants. Their learning curve should go up and they should be able to take on new responsibilities or projects, without hesitation.

Organisations are willing to send their star performers to imbibe fresh knowledge to top rated B-Schools, for long term courses. The expenditure on these is viewed as investment and can yield benefit both in the short and long term. It is absolutely essential that department heads plan this activity with utmost care and choose the right candidates.

Fun events: These can range from weekend office parties to picnics to a distant place along with families. These events too must be planned in advance and care must be taken to see that all are served in the best possible manner.

At the picnic care must be taken to see that children and women too are able to participate in various games. Small gifts and takeaways must be handed over to all family members.

The organisation touches the life of the employee in many ways and the family comes first. When family members see that the organisation treats them well and is keen to share good times, there is an automatic sense of bonding.

There are many instances when people at home prevailed on the employee not to move out of a company though he got a better position elsewhere. They were happy about the pride and prestige which the present company offered. They felt that the working conditions here helped the employee have balanced work-life conditions.

Employee engagement is not about internal rewards that are confined to the employee. When the employee sees that he is part of a large family and the organisation is truly committed to his welfare and wellbeing, the engagement moves on to higher levels.

K. V. Rajasekher.



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