In a bid to make the vote counting process faster and more transparent, the Election Commission has decided to video-shoot the entire counting process at each table and finish the counting of votes of each Assembly constituency in 15 rounds.

While video-shooting of the counting halls has been practised earlier too, detailed shooting of the process at each counting table is a new development.

The State Election Commission's Additional Chief Electoral Officer, N.K. Sahana, said here on Wednesday that counting for each Assembly constituency will take place in 14 tables – each supervised by a micro-observer who will be required to sign the result of each round immediately after it is completed.

Adding that the returning officer of respective Assembly constituency will be in charge of all the 14 tables that will be individually video-graphed, Mr. Sahana said that if the counting process can be finished in 15 rounds then the final results can be expected to be declared by 12 noon latest.

Meanwhile, the Election Commission has also decided to monitor the routes taken by vehicles hired by political parties to carry publicity materials from the party office in the city to various districts.

“All political parties will have to send the publicity materials like banners, posters and leaflets to the districts through the routes prescribed by the commission and the entire process will be under the supervision of the Chief Electoral Officer,” Mr. Sahana said, adding that vehicles carrying such materials have to acquire special permits from the respective district election officers.

While the expenses incurred in carrying the materials will be initially shown in the concerned political party's account, it has to be later equally distributed among the party's candidates in that respective district.

With the Election Commission keeping a strict watch on political parties following the model code of conduct, it has been decided to constitute ‘model code of conduct squads' in each district that will attend every political event organised by the parties and keep a check on any possible violation of commission guidelines.

It will be in addition to the earlier decision to video-shoot every political event.

To be constituted by respective District Magistrates, Mr. Sahana said that each squad will contain one election officer, one police officer and two constables. Each district can constitute any number of squads as the situation demands.