Lodge complaint against an organisation

An organisation has allegedly duped people to the tune of lakhs of rupees in the name of providing employment to the unemployed and nutritious food to the children of the poor.

A group of supervisors, who have paid Rs. 22,000 to the organisation to get appointed by it, submitted memoranda at the offices of Berhampur Superintendent of Police (SP) and Revenue Divisional Commissioner (RDC), southern division. Through these memoranda they urged the police and administration to initiate action against the organisation which had allegedly cheated them as well as hundreds of poor families.

According to social activist Pramila Tripathy, the organisation, which claimed to be involved in the welfare of children of the downtrodden, has opened its unit in Ganjam district by appointing three persons of the city. The three persons included a couple and the brother of the woman. The organisation was promising to provide nutritious food to the children of the poor for which each child had to register with the organisation. For it, Rs. 32 was to be paid for each child. For collection of the amount, the organisation has also appointed 185 supervisors. It was alleged that the organisation had not yet provided any food material to the children.

To get appointed as supervisors one had to deposit Rs. 22,000 with the organisation. There were many like Santosh Panda of Rangeilunda who had to pay Rs. 30,000 as he got himself appointed late. As per the promise they were to get Rs. 2,000 per month as salary. These supervisors also deposited the money that they collected from poor parents towards registration fee.

One such supervisor Parvati Behera of Haripur village said she had collected and deposited registration fee of at least 3,000 children. “When the children did not get any promised food material from the organisation I had to face wrath of my fellow villagers,” she said. All of them alleged that they were not getting their promised salary and when they were being threatened when they demanded refund of their deposited amount. Most of the women who have got entangled in this are from lower middle class families who had deposited Rs. 22,000 by selling ornaments or by taking loan.