Former Indian cricket captain Rahul Dravid here on Thursday said India as sporting nation failed because of excessive focus on results.

Delivering Pradyumna Bal memorial lecture here, Dravid said, “illogical it might sound but my strongest belief is that the best way to produce result is to take the focus away from results in sports. Process of sports should be primary, not the sole focus. .. In sports, results are never in one’s hand while process of preparation is in one’s hand.” He lamented, “sadly as a sports country we are obsessed with results.”

“Containing 30 per cent of world’s population, the country has mediocre achievements across 40 disciplines in past six decades as an independent nation,” he said

The ace cricketer said, “meanwhile, tiny countries with barely a stadium inside are regularly producing champions in disciplines like marathon and other disciplines. For example, Ethiopia, Kenya and Lithuania have produced more gold medals than us in this year’s Olympics.”

“During recent Olympics, I am pained hearing reactions from press in particular and more generally as well. We had highlighted many athletes staging to enter final round and ending up at seventh or eighth position. Going to Olympics is an achievement in itself. Winning a medal always augurs well. Playing with top ten best is something we should be proud of rather than being the subject of failure,” Dravid said.

“During my career, I had an opportunity to interact with best athletes of India and world of various sports. The single characteristic that connects them is single minded focus and the burning desire to reach destination,” he said.

Sports associations and administrators should facilitate the talent to prosper and compete with bests in the world, rather than be worried about results, the legendary cricketer said.