Frequent students' unrest is often blamed for the examination schedules in Biju Patnaik University of Technology (BPUT) going haywire, but several hundred students of M. Tech programme are staring at uncertain future as the university, for obvious reasons, has failed to arrange examination for them.

The current batch of M. Tech students took admission in September 2009. Classes immediately began from October last. As per the provision, first semester should have been held within six months.

Sample this. Courses for the first semester have been completed in the government-run College of Engineering and Technology (CET) since first week of this February. During past four months, students have been running from pillar to post requesting authorities arrange examination for them. However, BPUT has not been able to give concrete assurances.

“Delay in examination will hamper our job prospects. Several students were waiting to submit the certificate with their employers. But non-scheduling of examination in time would make their life miserable,” a student of M. Tech programme in CET said requesting anonymity.

He said in other technical universities, students in M. Tech programme had already appeared their first semester examination.

However, BPUT authorities have come up with strange explanations as to why they could not hold the examination.

“Some students requested to postpone the examination schedule that is why M. Tech examination could not be held in time. We will notify examination in July 20 to 25 and the first semester examination will be conducted in August next,” said BPUT registrar A. N. Acharya.


It sounds bizarre that a handful of students could influence the examination schedule of BPUT and examinations had been delayed by four months. Angry students said probably M. Tech programmes assumed no significance for BPUT as it was pre-occupied in tussle with B. Tech students.

This was not the only problem on which BPUT had failed to offer solution. The M. Tech students those had qualified GATE were supposed to get stipend of Rs. 8000 per month. Students alleged that not a single student had been paid the stipend.

“Leave our case. Our senior batch students have even not been paid their stipends. Students hailing from poor families had a tough time to pursue the course,” a student said. On this, Mr. Acharya said, the AICTE had not released the money to BPUT for which the university was unable to pay the stipend to students.

However, BPUT M. Tech students alleged that students in other universities had already started to receive the stipend while BPUT was not sincere on this front also.

The university authorities come up with strange explanations on the issue