Pradip Kumar Das

Couple exchanging pleasantries and leading a happy life after ten years of separation

CUTTACK: Marriages are made in heaven, but some end up in hell. In one such instance here in the city, two little daughters, however, made a praiseworthy effort to unite their estranged parents after more than ten years of separation.

Manoranjan Mohapatra, a daily wage earner of the city and Pushpa Biswal of Choudwar, about 15 km from here got married in 1993. After the marriage, Pushpa learnt that her husband was a drunkard. But she was more shocked when Manoranjan began to torture her constantly in an inebriated condition.

Instead of staying trapped in unhappy marriage when Pushpa decided to call it ‘quit’ and untie the nuptial knot, she found she had already carried the child of Manoranjan. Pressurised by her in-laws and even her own parents, Pushpa thought things would improve and good sense would prevail upon Manoranjan after he becomes a father. Things actually improved after the birth of their first daughter in 1995 but for a brief period.

When Pushpa delivered her second child, again a daughter in 1997, all hell broke loose and Manoranjan became more violent.

The physical and mental torture on Pushpa mounted and this time her well-wishers preferred to remain silent. Pushpa thought it was enough and got over the dread of divorce. She thought marriage was no more sacrosanct for her and stayed separately with her second daughter Rupali while Manoranjan kept the elder one Mama.

It was only when the daughters grew up with single parents both the father and mother gave some indications to stay together. And this was enough for the two little daughters to make a foray to unite their parents. Taking the help of their friends, teachers and other relatives, the two daughters approached voluntary organisations to make an effort to unite their parents.

NGO’s help

The local NGO, Ramadevi Mahila Samiti, came forward to help the girls in their effort when its president Baijainti Brahmachary took the help of counsellors to reason with the estranged couple.

After sincere efforts from all, Manoranjan and Pushpa got united once again at a brief ceremony here on Sunday evening.

Much to the satisfaction of all, the daughters, now aged 12 and 10 respectively, are the happiest souls after seeing their parents exchanging pleasantries.