Special Correspondent

KARAIKAL: All government offices, schools and other institutions will function normally on Tuesday, District Collector N. Vasanthakumar said here on Monday, despite calls for a self-imposed curfew by the Karaikal Struggle Group.

The Group had called for a voluntary one-day curfew between dawn and dusk on Tuesday to protest against the neglect of the Karaikal district by the Puducherry government.

“Non-violent protest”

S. P. Selvashanmugam, convenor, Karaikal Struggle Group, said that the curfew was a form of non-violent protest against the government’s inaction.

The Collector, however, said that such calls were unconstitutional as the power to impose a curfew was vested only with the District Judge.

Hence he said that the call would be ignored and all government institutions and facilities would function normally.