Special Correspondent

CHANDIGARH: The Communist Party of India (Marxist) has expressed grave concern over attempts by certain forces to create social strife in Haryana.

Addressing a press conference here, CPI (M) Haryana state secretary Inderjit Singh and party Central Secretariat member Nilotpal Basu asserted that the stance of their party had been proved correct that the ‘Khap Panchayats' (Caste Councils) were enjoying political patronage in Haryana and that was why these self-styled outfits were trampling upon the fundamental rights of citizens with impunity.

They strongly criticised the absence of rule of law during successive regimes in the State and charged that the vulnerable sections like women, Dalits and the poor were bearing the brunt and suffering at the hands of “socially dominating elements”.

“Such caste forces not only justify the merciless killings of young boys and girls but also threaten law-abiding citizens of dire consequences if they differ with their diktats,” they added.

They underlined the challenge posed by hard-core caste elements who were rousing the sentiments of ordinary people by raising the gotra hype without any basis.

Mr. Basu accused the State Government of abdicating its duty to provide security to vulnerable sections. He added that even the Indian National Lok Dal extended support to these self-styled panchayats for electoral gains.

Welcoming the National Human Rights Commission for taking suo motu cognisance of these activities in recent months in the State, he wondered why the real problems were being ignored by those claiming to be champions of Haryana.

Mr. Inderjit Singh said society in Haryana was confronted with very serious socio-economic problems which were sought to be undermined by these reactionary forces at the behest of their mentors from the mainstream political parties.

The leaders appealed to all sections of people to “see through the divisive game of reactionary forces and isolate the vested interest elements”.