Medical practitioners here on Saturday pledged to play active role in taking their colleges who would practise sex selection to task while expressing concerns over declining child sex ratio in the State.

Orissa branch of Indian Medical Association (IMA) in association with the State government and United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) organised a workshop to sensitise doctors in the drive of sex selection elimination and strengthening implementation of PC-PNDT Act in the State.

Addressing the conference, National Vice-President of IMA, Vijay C. Punjabi said the association had adopted four-pronged approach to nail the black sheep indulged in sex selection.

“Once a person is identified to misusing the PNDT Act, we approach and persuade him not to repeat the deed. If he does not listen, we boycott him. If even then he remains unruly, we inform to appropriate authorities about his operation. Lastly we don't hesitate to carry out sting operation to nail the doctor,” Dr. Punjabi said.

IMA had formed Doctors Against Sex Selection (DASS) that keeps track on doctors involved in sex determination. The association demanded strong scrutiny of activities of hospitals being managed non-medical professionals.

Speaking on the occasion, State Health Secretary Anu Garg said although the State was in a better position compared to national average as far as sex ratio was concerned, fast depletion in child sex ratio had run alarm bell for the State.