There will be no public-private partnership arrangement for the projects

Assessing huge shortage in dwelling units for lower middle class and economically weaker section, Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA) has embarked upon creation of 6,000 dwelling units for these groups in capital city.

“We will be creating house stock of 6,000 for lower income group and weaker sections in the capital city. BDA will directly execute the projects on its own by hiring contractors,” said I. Srinivas, Housing and Urban Development Secretary and chairman of BDA, here on Sunday.

Mr. Srinivas said there would be no public private partnership arrangement for these projects.

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik laid foundation stone for housing project for economically weaker section (EWS) and lower income group (LIG) segments at Kalinga Nagar, Zone K-9 (B), Kalinga Nagar Zone K-4 and Subudhipur on occasion of BDA’s foundation day on Sunday.

At Subudhipur, BDA is coming up with 800 dwelling units for EWS and 800 DUs for LIG over seven acres of land at Subudhipur, on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar. BDA is executing the project at an estimated cost of Rs. 165 crore. All the blocks in the housing project would stilt and 10 storeyed.

Similarly, at Kalinga Nagar K-9, the housing project would offer 128 DUs to EWS and 32 to LIG beneficiaries in four storeyed apartments. The project cost has been estimated at Rs. 15.83 crore.

Another major housing project is coming up at Kalinga Nagar K-4 where LIG and lower middle income group would have share of 192 and 136 respectively in nine storeyed apartments. BDA would spend Rs. 56 crore for the project.

Bhubaneswar has witnessed expansion in all directions. Private real estate developers and people on their own arrangements have produced hundreds of housing projects. However, there has been acute shortage of houses for lower income groups or EWS. These people either take resort in slums or shuttle daily from villages, several km. away from the city. Creation of 6,000 dwelling units for these people would surely ease pressure.

Recently, BDA has started enforcing reservation of 15 per cent dwelling units for EWS and LIG in every housing projects in the city.