Staff Reporter

BHUBANESWAR: Stage is set for the State government to announce its priorities to deal with Climate Change challenges as consultations on the much hyped action plan with various stakeholders coming to end here on Monday.

During State-level and regional workshops, around 287 actions had been prioritised.

Of which 25 per of the actions are for mitigation, 64 per cent for adaptation and 11 per cent are miscellaneous.

Within the next couple of days, the proposed climate change action plans for Orissa, which was modelled as per the national action plan was expected to be hosted on government websites inviting suggestions and objections, said Ashok Singha of CTRAN, knowledge partner for preparation of the action plan.

The concluding consultation was attended by climate change specialists from DFID S. Mitra, and sector director of World Bank Charles Chromier. Scientists and civil rights activists aired their views on climate change issues and challenges related to the State.

Inputs to be received on proposed action plan through website hosting would be sent to working groups, which had prepared draft plans, for making necessary changes. According sources the State government was planning to announce priorities on June 5, World Environment Day.

However, announcement of priorities would not mean approval of finalisation of action plan. The draft plans would again go through tests of cabinet sub-committee.

The State government had constituted 11 working groups in November last to come out with various suggestions.