Hardened criminals continue to use liquor as a catalyst while they commit murders.

It again came to the fore when two murder cases that had happened on the outskirts of the city got solved. In both the cases the assailants were drunk while they committed the murder. In the murder that was committed at Karapalli village under Gopalpur police station limits, the victim had also been intoxicated by liquor by the murderers.

Speaking to newsmen on Monday evening, Berhampur superintendent of police, Shefeen Ahmed K. said that two people have been arrested in relation to the murder of Bhagirathi Reddy, whose headless body had been recovered at Karapalli village on April 8.

Four persons have also been arrested in relation to the murder of Partha Nayak on February 29 at Madanmohanpur village under Golanthara police station limits.

Police recovered the decapitated head of deceased Bhagirathi atop the terrace of a house owned by his relatives on Sunday. The murderers had preferred to hide the severed head there to mislead the police. According to the confession of the main accused in this case Iswar Reddy, personal rivalry was the reason behind this murder. Iswar has past criminal record including cases of murder in Berhampur, Ganjam and Puri police districts. He was out on bail. He along with Sudam Moharana, Santosh Sahu and Babu Achari had committed decapitated Bhagirathi.

All of them had got together and got drunk. While Sudam, Santosh and Babu caught hold of limbs of the deceased, Iswar had cut down his head. Intoxicated by liquor Bhagirathi had not been able to shout or protest. Liquor could also throttle the conscience of assailants to commit the cold blooded murder. Sudam has also been arrested.

The murder case at Madanmohanpur was related to land dispute. The deceased Partha along with his elder brother was managing a religious ‘math' at the village. It was alleged that the boundary wall of the ‘math' had encroached land of one Dandapani Patra. It had led to intense tussle between them. Dandapani with the help of Jaga Patra, Surendra Pradhan and Simanchal Sethi decided to use force and threaten Partha and his brother. This group had also got drunk before they reached the ‘math' on February 29 to threaten. But in an inebriated state their attack on Partha turned lethal and the victim died on the spot. When the group found that their victim had died, they preferred to give the spot of the crime look of an armed dacoity to misguide the police.

Police are still investigating role of two other persons in this murder case.