Commissionerate of Police on Saturday claimed to have solved the murder case of a doctor, who was found dead in his house in the Kharavela Nagar area of the Capital City on Wednesday morning.

Addressing a press conference here, Commissioner of Police Bijay Kumar Sharma said Hari alias Harendra Naik (25), who was working as a sweeper in Brahmananda Panda's house, had killed the doctor.

The doctor was running a nursing home at Kharavela Nagar.

“The accused bore a grudge against Dr. Panda who had rebuked him for reportedly entering into a relationship with a woman employee and fired him from the job subsequently,” Mr. Sharma said.

It was difficult case for the police as the doctor's body was discovered after 10 hours of murder. The doctor was alone at the time, the Police Commissioner said.

However, investigators were convinced of the fact that the killer must have known lifestyle of Dr. Panda and topography of the house. “We suspected role of insiders and the manner in which the murder was committed suggested that killer bore a grudge against Dr. Panda,” he said.

A month ago, Hari was shown the door when the doctor objected to his relationship with a woman employee. On the day of murder (Tuesday night), the accused was drunk and waiting inside house of Dr. Panda who returned to his residence after conducting an operation. When the victim was about to take his dinner, Hari pounced on him and hacked him five to six times. Dr. Panda succumbed to injuries immediately.

Thereafter the culprit took currency notes from the cupboard and wrist watch of the victim and fled from the crime scene. Stating that circumstantial evidences showed that it was a clear murder, Mr. Sharma said police had seized blood-soaked currency notes and the sharp weapon used for killing. The accused was arrested and forwarded to court. Police were investigating further to collect more corroborative evidences.

The doctor was running a nursing home at Kharavela Nagar