The city has witnessed half a dozen incidents during the last two months

CUTTACK: While businessmen in Cuttack city are attributing the recent spurt in looting incidences to lack of adequate police patrolling, policemen are putting it very simply saying the businessmen are becoming soft targets of anti-social for “they are a little careless”.

Perturbed over the recent looting incidents in the city, the businessmen are planning to petition the State Director General of Police (DGP) to ensure protection for them in view of the ensuing Dusshera festival.

The city has already witnessed over half-a-dozen looting incidents during last two months while a jeweller became the latest victim when he was robbed off jewellery worth over Rs 75,000 at gunpoint from under Jagatpur police station on Friday night.

“Looting incidents are on the rise in the city as because the police patrolling here have become a mockery.

Instead of moving across the city covering the lanes and bylanes, patrolling vehicles are seen parked at only busy marketplaces leaving the lonely lanes to turn haven for antisocial elements”, alleges the city Banika Sangha chief B.K. Mohanty.


The Banika Sangha is learnt to have taken a decision to submit a memorandum to the DGP seeking security for the lives and property. But the police on the other hand refuse to yield to the allegations of the businessmen suggesting that the latter should avoid carrying heavy amount with them while returning to their homes late in the evening or at the dead of night.

“When there is every facility for the businessmen to deposit their day’s sale proceedings in bank why should they risk carrying them dangerously”, pointed out a senior policeman of the city.

It is always difficult to check the looting of cash during transit and in case someone is left with no other alternative than to carry a heavy amount of cash, he should seek the police help for the purpose, the policeman suggested.

Notwithstanding the claims and counter claims of police and the businessmen, the crime situation in the city is definitely going to remain a cause of concern for next three to four months until the puja season is over.