All the toys are brought together and worshipped in a common place

KORAPUT: One of the most important and entertaining sights during Dussehra in Koraput this year is ‘bommala koluvu’, the display of various toys and dolls in the houses. While this part of the festival is seen mostly in the Telugu speaking families in the town, it has also generated a great amount of interest among other sections of the society in the neighbourhood.

B.Balakrishna’s house in Pujariput street has become a site of attraction these days, for the toy lovers who were seeking a view of ‘bommala koluvu’ being arranged in their house.

Unique way

All the toys, be it the toys played by children or the idols worshipped by the family members, all are brought together and worshipped in a common place.

While the unique way of presentation of koluvu exhibits the talent of the women in manifesting the essence of collective joy in the family, it provides a relaxing mood for women and children apart from giving an opportunity for them to exchange views on creative art by visiting others home to see similar arrangements.