Election results echo in Himachal Pradesh Assembly

SHIMLA: The election results in Punjab and Uttarakhand on Tuesday had an echo in the Himachal Pradesh Assembly with the Opposition BJP claiming this hill State would be the ``next destination'' and the ruling Congress saying it would weather the storm.

``The results in the two neighbouring States have shown which way the wind is blowing. (Chief Minister) Virbhadra Singh will meet the fate of his party colleagues Amarinder Singh and N. D. Tiwari in the State Assembly elections due in February next year,'' BJP Legislature Party leader P K Dhumal told the House.

After Punjab and Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh ``will be the next destination'', he said. Mr. Virbhadra Singh demurred saying the results would have no impact on the State.

``Punjab is Punjab, Uttarakhand is Uttarakhand, and Himachal is Himachal,'' he said, adding that the Congress had weathered such storms in the past and would do so in the next Assembly polls. The BJP ``joy over the Punjab and Uttarakhand outcomes will be short-lived... We are unhappy with the results going against the Congress but not demoralised,'' the Chief Minister said. - PTI.