Even after the West Bengal Government promulgated an Ordinance for 13 State universities with detailed provisions to remove Vice-Chancellors, Governor M. K. Narayanan declined here on Monday to act on the charges levelled by the State's Higher Education Department against a Vice-Chancellor and pointed that he will only take a decision once the ordinance gets passed in the State Assembly.

State Higher Education Minister Bratya Basu met the Governor at Raj Bhavan on Monday with the report of the inquiry committees against Sabyasanchi Sengupta, the Vice-Chancellor of West Bengal University of Technology (WBUT).

According to sources in the Higher Education Department, various inquiry committee reports have pointed towards administrative and financial irregularities committed by the Vice-Chancellor.

“The Governor said that the Ordinance is in the form of an Act. The rules have not been framed. We will have to wait till the rules are framed,” Mr. Basu told reporters while emerging from Raj Bhavan.

Mr. Basu said that he has submitted the reports to the Governor and unless he decides on this issue, the Vice-Chancellor will continue with his usual responsibilities.

The West Bengal University Laws (Amendment) Ordinance, 2011 was promulgated by the State Government on November 2 this year. The Ordinance empowers the office of Chancellor of the State universities the Governor to remove Vice-Chancellors on various grounds like being proved “guilty of criminal breach of trust, criminal negligence or gross financial irregularity”.

The Higher Education Department had sent the details of the inquiry report to the Office of Chancellor in the third week of this month amidst counter-allegations from the Vice-Chancellor that he is being pressured to give undue favour to certain people.