R. Jagadeeswara Rao

VISAKHAPATAM: Unlike a regular Avadhaanams, which is a unique feature of Telugu literature, the Avadhaanam performed at Meghalaya hotel on Sunday was on songs of Ghantasala Venkateswara Rao, the legendary singer and music director.

The Avadhaani is Syed Rahamtullah a native of Parlakimidi in Gajapathi district in Orissa. Rahamtellah a doctor in medicine had performed this unique Avadhaanam as many as 52 times, and he had performed the 53rd one with aplomb.

There are as many as ten ‘pruschchkas’ who grilled the Avadhaani with umpteen searching questions. A feature of this feat was, ten pruschchkas asking questions one by one and the Avadhaani has to answer all questions in the order they were asked.

‘Remembering Gantasala’

Questions from films released way back in the later forties and fifties had also been answered with ease. “My aim is to propagate the uniqueness of Ghantasala’s songs verses and music and perpetuate his memory to the best of my abilities” Dr. Rahamtullah, an ardent fan of Ghantasala, says.

His Avadhanam, was part of the cultural programme organised by the ‘Parlakimidi.Telugu @Visakhapatnam’ here on Sunday.

The lilting music on flute by Vellanki Kurmanadham (Babu) was another highlight of the cultural programme. Ballamudi Sankar, who had organised the meet, thanked all participants.

For most of the people who had turned up, it was a ‘meeting of classmates, roommates and some glass mates, after as gap of more than three decades’ and every one went down memory lane.

Also, a 92-year-old Lalita Prasada Rao, a native of Parlakimidi was felicitated.