Special Correspondent

VISAKHAPATNAM: The responsibility of informing the significance of Vedic literature lay on scholars in the subject, observed Sreechakrameru Peethadhipathi from Bilaspur Swamy Satchitananda Theertha on Sunday.

Immense power

Addressing the Sri Sukla Yajurveda Mahasabha at Pendurthi, he said tremendous power would be released from the musical Veda notes, which was more powerful than the ‘Vajrayudha' of Lord Indra.

This power would annihilate the bad and parochial tendencies in society and establish stability, he stated. He also added that several critical problems the country faced could be resolved by study of Vedas.

The Swamy said that performing yagas and rituals would ensure seasonal rains and thereby help cultivation. He gave a call to study Vedas and protect the cows.

Hunasse Hoge Kanwapeethadhipathi Swamy Vidyabhaskara Theertha in his address said that difficulties always followed happiness, the former making man stronger to face adversity.

Noted scholar Mudda Prabhakara Sastry answered queries. Philanthropist Mattapalli Chalamaiah, Raparthi Jagadeesh, KRK Rao and others attended the programme.