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Central Pollution Control Board brings out report

IB Valley and Jharsuguda also found to be in critical level

Paradip escapes from earning the dubious distinction by a whisker

BHUBANESWAR: Angul-Talcher region of Orissa has been ranked seventh most critically polluted industrial cluster of India.

According to latest report on Comprehensive Environment Assessment of Industrial Clusters brought out by Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), pollution level in IB Valley and Jharsuguda was also found to be in critical level like Angul-Talcher.

Port town of Paradip escaped from getting the dubious distinction by a whisker. CPCB’s analysis shows that there are 43 industrial areas or clusters out of the 88 are found to be critically polluted, with respect to one or more environmental component. Paradip’s rank is 44th which severely polluted.

Altogether these four industrial clusters have figured in the list India’s infamous 88 polluted industrial clusters.


According to Comprehensive Environmental Pollution Index (CEPI)’s parameter, scores of 70 and above should be considered as critically polluted industrial clusters/ areas, whereas the areas having CEPI between 60-70 should be considered as severely polluted areas and shall be kept under surveillance and pollution control measures should be efficiently implemented, whereas, the critically polluted industrial clusters/ areas need further detailed investigations in terms of the extent of damage and an formulation of appropriate remedial action plan.

The scores have been calculated taking into consideration level of pollution of air, water, soil and additional high-risk elements in the industrial clusters.

Angul-Talcher scored 82.09, six point less than of the most polluted cluster of India which is Ankaleshwar of Gujarat.

IB Valley, which gets 74 points, is ranked 28th while Jharsuguda’s position is 33 with a score of 73.34 pollution points.

Angul-Talcher region houses smelter plant of National Aluminum Company and NTPC’s thermal power plant. Besides, the two central Orissa places have good reserves of coal.

The State government has signed memoranda of understanding for the setting up of about 10 thermal power projects in Angul-Talcher-Dhenkanal region. A couple of steel projects have been proposed in the industrial belt.

Similarly, Jharsuguda recently climbed the pollution ladder in a faster pace after several polluting sponge iron units came up in the region. Moreover, aluminum smelter, thermal power plants and steel plants have also been proposed near this western Orissa town.

Neighbouring IB Valley has a rich coal reserve where extraction of mineral has been going on in full swing.

Paradip has been planned to be the next major petroleum hub of the country.