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Covers development of arithmetical concepts

PONDICHERRY: Lt. Governor of Pondicherry M.M. Lakhera released on Wednesday here in Raj Nivas a book on "Vedic Arithmetic and Development of Basic Concepts" written by the principal of Soucilabai Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Dr K.P. Chamola. Director of School Education Mr.G. Ragesh Chandra received the first copy of the book.

Development of arithmetical concepts

The 43-year-old teacher said that the book covered historical development of various arithmetical concepts and different ways of computations including Vedic mathematical methods. The historical development of basic concepts related to elementary mathematics encompassing their journey through various civilisations. This was among the main features of the book.

Dr. Chamola said that historical aspects of any concept would provide sufficient space to get acquainted about the utility, necessity and importance of those concepts and would make one familiar about their relevance. He said that some of the methods related to arithmetic devised by Mahaviracharya in his mathematic text "Ganita Sar Sangrah" and Bhaskaracharya II in Lilavati are also explained so that readers, students and teachers could become aware of the elegance and unique brilliance of ancient Hindu mathematics.

Dr. Chamola said that the basic objective of the book was to give all relevant information of eastern and western knowledge on basic mathematics at one place.