Staff Correspondent

BHOPAL: Two candidates filed their nomination papers for the Lok Sabha by-election from Vidisha on Wednesday, taking to four the total number of candidates who have filed the papers so far for this prestigious battle of the ballot.

For the Madhya Pradesh Assembly by-election from Malehra, three candidates filed their forms on Wednesday and with that the number of nominations filed so far has gone up to five.

Prominent among those who filed their nomination on Wednesday include Raghunandan Sharma of Bharatiya Janshakti, the new party floated by Uma Bharti. He is contesting the Vidisha seat against the ruling BJP candidate, Rampal Singh. While Mr. Singh is yet to file his nomination, the Congress is expected to announce its candidate for Vidisha on Thursday. The other candidates who have filed their papers are Munawar Salim (Samajwadi), Durgawati Uike (Gondwana Gantantra Party) and Abdul Jabbar Khan (Independent).

For the Malehra by-election, Kapurchand Ghuwara (BJP), Rekha Yadav (Bharatiya Janshakti) and Kishan Lal Soni filed their papers on Wednesday. The nomination forms for the Malehra by-election were filed earlier by the Congress candidate, Jagdish Shukla and Surendra Singh Yadav (Samajwadi Party).

The Bharatiya Janshakti president was among the first to lash out at the BJP saying that it was ideologically bankrupt as it had nominated Mr. Ghuwara for the Malehra seat despite his CPI background. Now with the nomination of Ms. Yadav as the Bharatiya Janshakti candidate for Malehra, those in the BJP here have gone on the offensive by pointing out that Ms. Bharti's support base on her own home turf gets demonstrated by the fact that she picked a candidate who is known more for her Congress background than affinity with her ideology.