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Education Secretary felicitates writer of the book

Puducherry: Development Commissioner and Education Secretary B.V. Selvaraj released in his chamber on Wednesday `Elementary Vedic Algebra' written by K P Chamola, Principal of Soucilabai Government Girls Higher Secondary School.

Director of School Education Mr. G. Ragesh Chandra received the first copy.

Mr. Selvaraj who felicitated the writer urged him to keep up the spirit of writing and said that it was an indeed an achievement to write a book and finding time for the work.

Explaining the features of the book, the 43-year-old Chamola said that the book covered unique system of simple rules and procedures based on the Vedic sutras and sub-sutras to solve various types of problems in algebra.

Detailing the various Vedic sutras and sub sutras adopted in the book he said that most of problems were solved by using either of these sutras, which he said was the highlight of the book. This system of solutions reduced the burden of cumbersome procedures and provided the students with space to develop their mental capabilities and skills in solving the problems.

Mr. Chamola said that with the help of these Vedic mathematical methods students could experience the effect of the sutras and sub sutras in solving complicated and difficult problems.

Referring to the topics covered in the book he said that the book covered basic operations in polynomials, factorization, factors and derivatives, highest commonfactor, simple equations, quadratic equations, cubic equations and biquadratic and simultaneous equations and partial fractions.

The basic purpose of the book was to make the extraordinary treasure of knowledge available to the students, teachers and teacher educations.

It could also make them aware of the heritage of ancient Indian mathematics and the contributions of ancient scholars in the field of slgebra.

Mr. Chamola had brought out some time back a book Vedic Arithmetic and Development of Basic Concepts and plans to bring out works on geometry and the Great Architects of Mathematics.