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Emerging gangs have started to get their members tattooed with typical symbol

BERHAMPUR: The criminals of the city are trying hard to create their own identity in the minds of people through some kind of uniqueness or peculiarity.

Most of the budding criminals in the city have started to give themselves some peculiar nickname. And emerging gangs have started to get its members tattooed with some typical symbol.

According to a senior police officer the neo-entrants into the world of crime usually get inspired by the absurd nicknames of criminal gang members of Mumbai. Depiction of Mumbai criminal gangs in movies and news channels has also prompted these youngsters to take up a unique name like their idols in the crime world in Mumbai.

They also want their names to be remembered easily as they aim to become talk of the town.

They prefer to use nicknames which no common man would adopt. So, Piaja (onion) and Alu (potato) have no relation with the vegetable market and they refer to some miscreants in the crime world of Berhampur.

Some try to emphasise their nature through abstract use of common items as nick names like Kanta (nail) or Kati (sword). Chicken and Kankada (crab) are also dreaded names in the city. Characters like Jala (water) and Genda (snail) are not that cool as they sound.

Some criminal gangs have also started using tattoos as their identity marks. Police is now investigating into the origin of a star tattoo on the arm of the youth who was killed in the shoot out in Ashok Nagar area of the city. Police suspect it may be related to some criminal group.

In February 2008 a gang of four high way robbers nabbed by personnel of Gosaninuagaon police station had images of ‘Goddess Durga’ tattooed on their bodies. They also called themselves Durga gang. In the past police had also arrested some members of a gang of teenagers who had dragons tattooed on their bodies. Members of another gang had love symbol along with the names of their beloved tattooed.

According to police sources these youths get themselves tattooed in a ritualistic manner. They usually get together to get the permanent tattoos engraved on their bodies. Along with the pain involved in it they take vow not to cheat each other.

Again films have a major role in the recent rise of this trend among young criminals.