President Nursultan Nazarbayev: Kazakhstan’s International Standing to be Reinvigorated

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Nursultan Nazarbayev, Kazakhstan’s President
Nursultan Nazarbayev, Kazakhstan’s President

On 28 February 2007, at a joint session of the Parliament, President Nursultan Nazarbayev made a state of the nation address named “New Kazakhstan in the New World”.

In the Address the President summarized the achievements over the past years and presented Kazakhstan’s further development strategy.

The President underlined that the consistent implementation of the “Kazakhstan 2030” Strategy has served a reliable basis for the country’s progress and its accelerated multifaceted modernization.

“Systemic approach will be the main formulae of our accelerated movement forward in the nearest ten years.

To make Kazakhstan an inseparable and dynamic part of the world market of goods, services, work force, capital, modern ideas and technologies, we have to solve a number of major problems”- Nursultan Nazarbaev said.

According to him, the first problem is not only to ensure the economy’s sustainable development, but also to drive its growth.

As the Head of State noted, the Government should develop a principally new approach to Kazakhstan’s industrialization, retract areas of natural monopolies, further strengthen financial system, create an effectively working stock market, assure Kazakhstan’s accession to the WTO, introduce international technical standards.

“The second task is to turn Kazakhstan into ‘the regional locomotive’ of economic development and make it a successful player of the world economy. The third task is to increase the efficiency of the extracting sector. The fourth is to ensure the development of non-extracting industries, to diversify the economy. The fifth is to develop a modern infrastructure according to our new role in the regional and global economies” said Nursultan Nazarbayev.

The President also stressed that priority task remains the same: “modern education and vocational training, formation of foundations of “smart economy”, use of new technologies, ideas and means, development of an innovative economy”. He highlighted the urgency for addressed social care and development of the social sphere on market principles; modernization of the political system and further implementation of democratic reforms; the accelerated introduction of the administrative reform in accordance with international practice.

“To achieve new Kazakhstan in the new world in ten years, we have to timely and adequately meet the challenges of the new age. Therefore, I instruct the Government to solve consequently all the tasks mentioned, which further develop the main thesis of the Strategy-2030 at the new stage” he stated.

“History knows many shining examples of how nations moved up to a new level, when they united their will to implement projects of a historic scale, - Nursultan Nazarbaev noted.

Speaking of the new standing of the Republic in international community, the President declared that “Kazakhstan is no more third world country” owing to its impressive economic progress.

“Kazakhstan has strengthened its position as a full-fledged and responsible member of the world community contributing to geopolitical and international stability” it was stated.

According to the Head of State, “today we cooperate with other countries in tackling an array of acute problems like ensuring energy security, counter-terrorism and countering epidemic diseases and environmental catastrophies”.

He outlined a new mission to make sure that energy supplies should be uninterruptible and therefore urged to enter with the neighboring countries into talks on the establishment of Central Asian Complex Energy Network, which would contribute to setting up a common energy market and strengthening regional and international energy security.

Kazakhstan is also keen in economic integration of Central Asia and establishment of dynamic market in the regions of Caspian Sea and Black Sea.

The President reiterated Kazakhstan’s goal to form a business-friendly climate in Central Asia, which will enable Kazakh and other companies to freely make investments in neighboring countries and remove red tape and protectionist barriers in the movement of goods, capital and labor.

Kazakhstan will also focus on implementing economic projects in Central Asian countries, which may be carried out with the help of international financial institutions. The President proposed to have a new regime for movement of qualified labor force, provided it will be well managed.

Kazakhstan as a center of inter-cultural and inter-religious harmony should continue to foster a “dialogue of civilizations”. If need be, Kazakhstan may also offer its good offices to find a compromise in potentially conflict situations. In association with a number of states interested in enhancing and deepening dialogue of civilizations, Kazakhstan may jointly evolve international initiatives directed at bringing closer East and West on key issues of contemporary world order, stated President Nursultan Nazarbayev.



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