RJD leader protests against the act

Patna: An act of spitting in the Ganga has caused an unusual spat between Bihar’s political arch rivals -- the ruling JD(U) and main opposition RJD.

Industrial effluents

The “profanity” of JD (U) spokesman Shivanand Tiwari to spit in the river, already polluted by industrial effluents and sewage water, has offended RJD, whose national spokesman Shyam Rajak staged a sit-in along with supporters to protest against the act.

Mr. Rajak claimed Mr. Tiwari spat in the holy river while taking steamer ride along with Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi during the Chhath festival on Friday.

“Mr. Tiwari’s conduct betrayed little respect for the religious sensibilities of the devout and amounts to profanity,” Mr. Rajak said.

Mr. Rajak, a close confidante of RJD boss Lalu Prasad, also attacked Mr. Kumar for not stopping Mr. Tiwari from spitting.

He said Mr. Modi, who belongs to BJP and “must be aware of the pride of place occupied by the Ganga” in Hindu faith, did nothing to stop Mr. Tiwari from spitting in the river.


The RJD spokesman also criticised the Chief Minister for waving at the crowds of devotees lining the bank of the Ganga instead of bowing to them with folded hands “as is our culture and tradition”.

Reacting to Mr. Rajak’s fulmination, Mr. Tiwari shot back asking “Does a mother get angry when her child urinates in her lap? The Ganga is our mother, how can she get angry with us?”

Petty matters

“Bodies are burnt on its ghats and ashes immersed in it. The Ganga cannot become impure and is all-embracing. The RJD leaders are raising petty matters as they have run out of ideas to corner the government,” he added.- PTI